Olivia + Josh’s Natchitoches Engagements

I have found the one whom my soul loves  – song of solomon 3:4

I had the pleasure of meeting this super sweet couple last weekend at a beautiful plantation in Natchitoches. When Josh looks at Olivia in the eyes, she just lets out the biggest smile. The kind of smile that brings you back to memories of being in grade school and watching your very first crush walk into the room. It’s giddiness without any sense of doubt and their relationship is a reflection of exactly that. They were so much in love! It’s hard not to tell from all the sweet smiles and giddy laughs below!

How did y’all meet?

We meet in Kindergarten and we were best friends! We would always race to see who was the fastest and played together on the playground! We were each other’s “first love” in first grade, but unfortunatly we got spilt up for second grade and were just part of the same friends group until he moved schools the summer after sixth grade. Sadly, we didn’t attend the same high school so we only talked occasionally. But, December of my senior year, I got a surprise text saying “Happy Birthday” and the rest was toast. We started talking and catching up with each other and it led to us being “something”. It’s crazy because neither of us had ever imagined to be marrying each other but it was God’s plan all along!

I’d love to hear how Josh proposed to you!

One Sunday after church, there was a Vacation Bible School meeting over in our Family Life Center. Before we could head to the meeting, our pastor wanted to meet with us in his office (which I thought was kind of weird at first because we’ve never had to just randomly meet him in his office.) So we attended the meeting, and after being in there for a few minutes we walked out and started heading over to the Family Life Center. Well, I noticed that there were no people standing outside of church talking (which is rare) and the parking lot was still full…I was confused because everyone had apparently went to the meeting which never happens either…and Josh kept wanting to carry my purse and set all of my stuff down and I had no idea why. I knew something was going on! So we walk up the steps and I open the door, and our entire church family was in there! He had all of our closest friends each holding a letter that spelled out “Marry Me?” and as soon as I saw that I started crying…Josh had to shove me into the door (because I was crying) and he then got on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him 🙂 It was so sweet and definitely every thing I wanted it to be!

How would you describe your decor for your wedding?

My theme is burlap! We want to add in a little lace detailing also, buy mostly burlap. I want a vintage touch to it all, but more modern vintage. I plan to have lots and lots of burlap. 😉

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?
On my wedding day, I think the three things I am looking forward to the most are:
– 1. Getting to pray with Josh before our wedding. Blind folded of course because we don’t want to see each other before I walk down the isle!
– 2. Seeing his face when the doors open.
– 3. Finally getting to marry my best friend 🙂


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