My 2016

-two thousand sixteen-

whew. what a year. this last year has been a blur.

this has been the most challenging and demanding year of my life. and i wouldn’t change one thing. this year has brought us the best little present of all. we have been blessed with this little thing called “life”. Arielle.

Ari is 7 months old and these have been the best 7 months of my life. hard, yes. but i wouldn’t trade it for anything. everyone tells you how hard motherhood is and you can only guess how exhausted other moms are just watching them, but until I had my own, i never knew.

being a mom is tough. seriously. it looks all pretty and put together in camera, but behind the scenes are real. real life. real exhaustion, no makeup, breastmilk stains all over your clothes, dried spit up, week old hair, and same pjs since yesterday. no one tells you how bad your hormones are after the baby. i would sit and cry just looking at her. cry from exhaustion, cry because she is mine, cry because my body made this tiny little human with miniature fingers and miniature eyes like me. cry just holding her little head in my hands. being a new mom requires patience, energy, lots of energy, and balance. seriously, f those hormones. they make you feel like your going crazy. i still don’t feel like i have my life under control. when will i feel like that? i don’t know that answer but until then i am soaking up every moment i can with her. because i know one day i will look back and wish i could rock her one more time, pick her up from her crib in the morning after a long nap with that big grin on her face, and carry her around on my hip 24/7.

but no matter how hard it is, how hard life can be as a mom, seeing your sweet child’s smile or reaching for you will out weigh all of that in an instant. she is the best part of my day everyday. her dad and i are so proud of this little girl and we are so happy to be her parents.

don’t ever change, ari. we love you. <3

check out her birth story if you haven’t read it here:

Arielle’s birth story

photog skills :Nikki Bardwell


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