Mama Bird Box 24 Weeks

A look into my Week 24 Mama Bird Box! Every month, I am so eager to use all the goodies they send! I am 26 weeks this week! Crazy how fast it’s going! I’ll be in my third trimester next week, ekkk. We get to see our little bun next week for an ultrasound! Can’t wait to see her little face again!

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Meagan Bailey Photography_0975

i love all these goodies- especially the dark cacao macaroons 😉

Meagan Bailey Photography_0976Meagan Bailey Photography_0977

love this honey butter lotion for stretch mark prevention! super moisturizing and smells amazing

Meagan Bailey Photography_0978Meagan Bailey Photography_0979

for a pregnant person, just two words, “anything chocolate”

Meagan Bailey Photography_0980

I actually have been lucky and haven’t got the dreadful heartburn yet, I’m sure its coming. But this natural heartburn relief is essential oils and you can rub it on the bottom of your feet and your upper stomach to relieve heartburn and even nausea.

Meagan Bailey Photography_0981Meagan Bailey Photography_0982

love this little colorful notepad because everyone knows pregnancy brain can get the best of you at times, so I keep it in my purse to jot down things I need to do or remember

Meagan Bailey Photography_0983Meagan Bailey Photography_0984Meagan Bailey Photography_0985

i love love this gold photo/card holder. I have already set up it in her nursery  on display with my gestational stickers on them!

Meagan Bailey Photography_0986Meagan Bailey Photography_0987

Meagan Bailey Photography_1033

the sweetest little calendar i found at target to hang in her nursery, counting down the days til April 29th!

Meagan Bailey Photography_1034

getting closer and closer and we are getting more anxious

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