Jackson Miles 11.2.17

It’s here. Jackson Miles. His birth story.

I’ve had so many people ask how it went, that I decided to blog it once I got his pictures back!

My bestie and amazing photographer Nikki Bardwell, insisted on being there with me and capturing a few pics! I’m so glad she was there beside me. She documented his birth so perfectly.

So I’ve finally come to terms with my body hates labor. Lol! I went to 41 weeks and 5 days. Exhausting? Yes. Especially that my body went into labor on its own 3 times.

My due date was October 21, 2017. I woke up on Friday October 20 and was having strange feelings and pains that I knew were different than braxton hicks. I started having pretty consistent contractions and got so excited! Maybe today is the day! It was actually the day of my cousins wedding that I was suppose to be shooting in Texas, that Nikki had to drive and shoot for me. Her only restrictions for me, was to not go into labor while she was in Texas shooting a wedding! haha 😉

Well I contacted our midwives and they said to start timing them and let them know when they got pretty close (mind you we had to drive to Lafayette to deliver, our drive was exactly 2 hours to the birth-house). I had my mom come over and watch Ari, and hang around all day to help out. I contracted all day long and as soon as I got ready for bedtime, I laid down and my contractions stopped. I couldn’t figure out why?

I did this 3 times!!! I went into labor 3 separate times and my body/or baby kept stopping it. I would have strong contractions all day long and as soon as I would lay down they would stop. I was so upset.

Sooooo. I had an apt on Halloween with my midwife to check and see whats going on! I was still at 2cm but no progress. My midwife swept me twice to put me into labor and I started having strong contractions and bleeding. She was SURE I would have him 10-12 hours later so she advised us to get a hotel in Lafayette to stay close. Well sure enough I labored all night long with strong contractions and all of a sudden the contractions stopped around 3 am. Again. I was so upset. I started bleeding pretty bad and they weren’t comfortable with me delivering at the birth-house so they transferred me to the hospital the next day.

I got to the hospital and they said you aren’t in labor but your at 2cm. And gave me the option to induce or send me home. Well, I was so over it at that point and physically exhausted from having strong contractions for 2 weeks straight and nothing happening. So they induced me at 5pm and I delivered him at 12 lunch the next day on November 2, 2017. But we found out that every time I would have a contraction his heart rate dropped bc the cord was around his neck. It wasn’t tight but it was close. My body knew it was causing harm to him so my body kept stopping labor. 🙁

But pushing was so easy. He literally came in three pushes. My doctor hardly made it to the room to catch him! haha 😉

Acadiana birth-house | Midwives Kira & Michel

Photography | Nikki Bardwell  

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