Happy Birthday Mom & Dad


Happy Birthday to Mom and Dad!

These two share the same birthday weekend! Mom’s birthday is today, and dad’s is Monday!

I figured I would steer away from photography blogging and write a little something about these two, in thinking what all they have done for me. I want to say thank you for all…

thank you mom for carrying me for 9 months and teaching me along the way how to be a great parent one day 😉

thank you dad for always making me whatever it is I ask for, whether it be the changing pad for your soon to be granddaughters bed to the best pot of homemade potato soup.

thank you mom for bringing me to school when I was young only to cry not to get out, then call in sick and stay home with me 😉

thank you mom and dad for the most perfect wedding I could ever dream of.

thank you mom and dad for loving my husband and treating him like your own son.

thank you mom and dad for pushing me to be the best version of myself that I can be.

thank you dad for the awful handwriting, I get it honest. 😉

thank you mom for teaching me how to shop for the best deals..we always find the best stuff when we shop. 😉 I know Cody thanks you…

thank you mom and dad for always taking time each year to take us on vacation whether it be to going to the beach, going fishing, or feeding the ducks on Natchitoches riverbank.

thank you dad for teaching me how to fight and catch a redfish, I’ll never forgot all our roach motel weekends down south.

thank you mom and dad for letting mark and I have the best mardi gras parades in the hallway when we were young, and putting on fashion shows down the runway. times I’ll never forget.

thank you mom and dad for mostly showing me what amazing parents are and teaching me to be my own very soon.

I can’t wait to see your faces the day you meet your granddaughter. I know the world is already spinning just for her and our whole lives are going to revolve around her.

Happy Birthday, I love you both.

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  • Momo

    Such a wonderful letter from a precious daughter. That is the best birthday present I have ever seen or read. Wonderful parents and truly wonderful children and grandchildren. Love y’all, Momo.ReplyCancel

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