Destination Wedding // Galveston

I can’t say enough beautiful things about this gorgeous wedding in Galveston. Kadie & Seth got married at one of the oldest churches in Galveston! St. Patricks Catholic Church was absolutely stunning inside! It was such the perfect day, gorgeous sunshine and a nice breeze from the beach! Kadie and Seth didn’t want to have a First Look, they wanted to see each other at the alter, but instead Kadie saved her dress for the perfect bridesmaids reveal! Check it out at the bottom! It was so sweet to see all of Kadie’s best girlfriends gather around and wait to her to reveal her dress to them, they were all screaming and crying happy tears! Congrats you two! Read a little interview I had with Kadie!

Meagan Bailey Photography_3311

Vendor Love:
Venue: The Tremont Hotel & St. Patricks Catholic Church & The Trolly Station
Cake: Dolce Designs
Wedding Dress: Impression Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: BHLDN
Catering: Bon Ami
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Ring: Custom designed by groom from Alters Gem Jewelry
Florist: Floral Events
Hair & Makeup: Sunkissed and Madeup

When was your first date?

Seth and I met in college. I was on the dance team and he played baseball. We both had practice and a busy schedule; we didn’t have a lot of “free” time. Going to the library to study was considered time to “hang out” or see “each other”. Our first date wasn’t exactly planned to be a first date. One night when we were both done studying, he walked me to my car as usual. Instead of telling me bye he said, “hey, I don’t really want to go home, I kinda want to keep talking.” J Seth isn’t from the area so I took him to a little park by the river in my hometown, which is about 10 miles from our University. We sat next to the water and just talked about everything we could think of. It doesn’t seem like much but it was super sweet. I remember going back to my dorm that night all smiles and feeling so lucky.

How did you know you had found the one?

My sister asked Seth this question before we got married. His answer matches mine perfectly. He told her he knew how much he loved when he saw how much I loved my family. He knew I was the one when he saw how I would drop everything in a second for them, how I worry about them, and how I protect them.

So when did I know Seth was the one? When I saw how much HE loved my family. He loves them all so well. He calls my grandma and grandpa at least once a day to check on them. He calls my dad to talk about sports, he enjoys fishing with my brother, he considers my sister as his own and loves and respects my mother very much. I am so lucky to have found him. He is absolutely THE ONE.

Tell us about the proposal?

As long as Seth has known me, my grandfather has suffered from the final stages of Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t have many memories left or any stories to tell. Like many Alzheimer patients he repeats the same story every conversation we have. Each day Seth goes to visit him during his lunch break. During his break my grandpa tells Seth the story of a lighthouse near the beach that he helped build. I can hear the story as I type this. He says “I must have made 40 trips up and down that lighthouse that day, and I only got paid 50 cents and hour”. There is actually an old photo of the lighthouse taped to the shelf next to the chair my grandpa sits in during the day.

On August 14, 2015 we were driving down to the beach. Seth said “lets stop and take a picture with the lighthouse for paw paw”. I was very hesitant because it was private property. As we pulled up to the lighthouse I noticed the gate was open and we were able to get close to it. As we looked at the lighthouse, we started talking about my sweet paw paws story. When I looked back to Seth he just started talking about how much he loved me and my family and how he wanted to spend forever with me. Before I knew it he was on one knee asking me to marry him. The lighthouse is on the same property with a little beach house. Seth had contacted the owners before the proposal. So after he popped the question we went up to the beach house and shared champagne to celebrate! We then traveled to the Tremont House Hotel where all our family and friends surprised me on the rooftop.

The best part of this story is when I returned home I was able to tell Paw-Paw I was engaged…..and HE KNEW right where Seth asked me to be his wife. Now we have TWO stories to tell about that lighthouse.

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

The moment I walked down the isle to Seth was a big moment. It was a moment I have waited for my entire life. But I think my favorite part was the Grand March. Seth is czechoslovakian and it was important we incorporated that tradition into our wedding day. It was fun to have ALL of our guest participate! I think it was everyone’s favorite part!

Tell us about you honeymoon!

We left Galveston at 5am and headed to Mexico. We went to Secrets Akumal! It was definitely WOW! Our resort is known for being located on a sea turtle reef! Getting to snorkel with the turtles each morning was definitely one of our favorite parts. We enjoyed the sweet staff that treated us like newlywed royalty. We liked to do a little water aerobics and lay out by the pool for as long as possible everyday!

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