Bump it Up series week 8


we got to see our little bun this past week! and I can’t explain the feeling of our first time seeing him/her!  it’s so crazy to see a little life just chillin’ inside my belly. we are just beyond thrilled, and I’m so lucky to have such a great husband who is so excited to have a little one!

I’m feeling: super naseous , crazyyyy dreams, moody (i’m sorry Cody ) and lots of headaches

baby’s size: baby is the size of a green olive

pains: headaches, and back pain

food cravings: cereal has been my favorite food lately, I have to snack on something all day to not feel nauseous, missing my cocktails, especially since football season!

living in: comfy leggings

essentials: h2O sooo thirsty, peppermint bead-lets they help with morning sickness and are a life saver

excited about: fall/winter maternity wardrobe, layers!

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