Bump It Up Series Week 37

Bump It Up Series Week 37

We are getting so close! Only 3 weeks left!

I’m feeling: lots of cramps, and back pain.

baby’s size: baby is the size of a winter melon  (we were told at our last ultrasound she is weighing around 5.14lbs and she has a lot of hair!)

pains: hip/back pain, it does help when I stretch. especially after working out. still trying to workout at least 4-5 times a week! still going strong as of now

food cravings: all I’ve wanted is to chew on ice!

living in: workout clothes lately

essentials: drinking lots of third trimester tea (organic red raspberry leaf tea)

excited about: her arrival!

My Mama Bird Box Week 36

Meagan Bailey Photography_1860Meagan Bailey Photography_1861

I have been drinking this tea everyday. Red raspberry leaf tea is great to start drinking in your third trimester. It is said to promote better circulation and strengthen your uterus.

Meagan Bailey Photography_1867Meagan Bailey Photography_1862

Meagan Bailey Photography_1863

This is so perfeect to use during your last trimester due to the extra stretching and itchiness.

Meagan Bailey Photography_1864

a hand sanitizer that is already packed in her hospital bag. It is alcohol-free and made with essential oils.  Smells so good!

Meagan Bailey Photography_1865

The cutest little jewelry dish because everyone knows your rings aren’t fitting at this point!

Meagan Bailey Photography_1866

this amazing lavender and aloe deodorant is completely safe to use! I love it!



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