Bump It Up Series Week 20

[ iphone pic taking at 18 weeks ]


Bump It Up Series Week 20

So it has begun! I started feeling him/her move! It’s the most amazing feeling knowing that your body is growing another human inside and you can now feel it moving!!! He or she likes to start moving around as soon as I get comfy in bed at night. We find out the sex this week at our 20 week check up! I can’t wait! I have been dreaming some crazy dreams lately on the gender of the baby! It’s all I can think about!

I’m feeling: awesome, so much more energy, started working out again slowly at my husband’s new gym in Alexandria called Fit Body Boot Camp. While I can’t do every movement like everyone else, I try my hardest without hurting myself or the baby! Trying to stay active is the key!

baby’s size: baby is the size of a banana

pains: not too many pains but they most annoying thing is my arms and hands keep going to sleep and stay numb! grrrrr and having to go to the bathroom soooo much.

food cravings: still no cravings, but I have been in the mood to bake. I’ve been baking a lot for my husband lately, I’m pretty sure it’s the time of year that puts me in the mood to bake! I love baking a lot of goodies at Christmas time!

living in:  maternity leggings with long tunics/tops

essentials: Chapstick and water, I feel like I stay so dehydrated and all I do is drink h2O!

excited about: Spending the last Christmas as a family of two before our sweet bun arrives! Also can’t wait to see how the dogs react to having a newbie in the house! They are going to love him/her!

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