Baby Shower

This past weekend, my family threw me a wonderful baby shower and showered me with gifts, laughter and love! I have the best family I could ever dream for. I truly feel loved. From all the pink lanterns to the pink cake pops and the krisp pops, it was a dream! We played the Price is Right game with different baby items and each guest had to pick the right price of each baby item. Along with playing the dirty diaper game, they heated up different candy bars (reese’s, payday, butterfinger, twix etc.) inside each newborn diaper and you had to guess which candy bar was in each one, some even went as far as eating it out of the diapers and smelling them! It was hilarious! They also had a little Photo Booth setup with props and a selfie stick to capture memories from that day! I am so fortunate to have an amazing group of girls go together and give me such a special baby shower! Thanks to everyone who helped make this day so memorable!

Meagan Bailey Photography_1291Meagan Bailey Photography_1292

table display | pink + gold |

Meagan Bailey Photography_1295

delicious cake pops from Little Cakes With Big Attitude

Meagan Bailey Photography_1293Meagan Bailey Photography_1294

pink krisp pops + miniature mason jars for tea

Meagan Bailey Photography_1296Meagan Bailey Photography_1297Meagan Bailey Photography_1298Meagan Bailey Photography_1299Meagan Bailey Photography_1300

dress : MinkPink

Meagan Bailey Photography_1301

she is going to have two of the best grandmas ever

Meagan Bailey Photography_1302

four generations here

Meagan Bailey Photography_1303Meagan Bailey Photography_1304

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