Amie’s Plantation Bridals

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Amie looked like a dream for her bridals. This beautiful plantation painted the perfect backdrop for her bridal session. The day was filled with warmth, sunshine and a cool spring breeze. I am oh-so-in-love with every detail of this bridal session: the gorgeous gown, the beautiful floral arrangement, and the dreamy venue.

Meagan Bailey Photography_1760
Meagan Bailey Photography_1756Meagan Bailey Photography_1757Meagan Bailey Photography_1758Meagan Bailey Photography_1759Meagan Bailey Photography_1760
Meagan Bailey Photography_1756Meagan Bailey Photography_1762Meagan Bailey Photography_1763Meagan Bailey Photography_1764Meagan Bailey Photography_1765Meagan Bailey Photography_1766Meagan Bailey Photography_1767Meagan Bailey Photography_1769Meagan Bailey Photography_1768Meagan Bailey Photography_1769Meagan Bailey Photography_1770Meagan Bailey Photography_1771Meagan Bailey Photography_1772Meagan Bailey Photography_1773Meagan Bailey Photography_1774Meagan Bailey Photography_1775Meagan Bailey Photography_1776Meagan Bailey Photography_1777Meagan Bailey Photography_1778Meagan Bailey Photography_1779Meagan Bailey Photography_1780Meagan Bailey Photography_1781Meagan Bailey Photography_1782Meagan Bailey Photography_1783Meagan Bailey Photography_1784Meagan Bailey Photography_1785Meagan Bailey Photography_1786Meagan Bailey Photography_1787Meagan Bailey Photography_1788Meagan Bailey Photography_1789Meagan Bailey Photography_1790Meagan Bailey Photography_1791Meagan Bailey Photography_1792Meagan Bailey Photography_1793Meagan Bailey Photography_1794Meagan Bailey Photography_1795Meagan Bailey Photography_1796

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